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Dr. Angela Pucci


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Dr. Angela is an athlete that loves to treat other athletes. A once competitive university level runner and jumper, Dr. Angela knows what it is like to strive for optimal performance and decrease risk of injury all while training hard.

Now, relishing in recreational sport, Dr. Angela loves to inspire and motivate her patients in addition to providing her functional chiropractic knowledge.

As the founder of Calgary Health Collective, Dr. Angela is an urban athlete, fitness enthusiast, lover of sleep, and tasty, healthy food. She believes that optimal physical performance and overall health and longevity is dependent upon the consistency of:

Certified in Active Release Techniques®, Graston® Technique, FRC®, Kinesiotape, Custom Orthotic Therapy and Acupuncture, and with a passion for Functional Medicine and "all things sleep,” Dr. Angela's practice is varied and she enjoys treating people of all ages and stages of life. Her friendly, compassionate nature, coupled with her knowledge of the human body, allows Dr. Angela's relationships with her patients to be lifelong. 

With her extensive athletic background, Dr. Angela believes that movement is vital to our wellbeing and properly executed movement is essential to stay healthy. Her encouraging nature, personal experience and biomechanical knowledge allows Dr. Angela to be a support system to her patients; whether it be your first round of golf, third season of boot camp, your fifth marathon, or just beginning to incorporate activity into your life. 

Dr. Angela is an author, evidence-based practitioner and eternal student and she is always welcoming new patients.

John Estabrooks

Registered Massage Therapist

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At the end of the day, John's goal is to get people back to being active and living a fulfilled, pain-free life.

John works with everyone - pro athletes, olympians, weekend OCR warriors, moms and their kids. He believes in a healthy balanced lifestyle and as such offers a wide variety of massage types. Here they are, in John's words:

Prehab / Rehab

Consider massage an investment in your future—fewer injuries and shorter recovery times. Self-care is probably the most overlooked but most valuable service anyone can do. As most active people know, it is only a matter of time until your body wears down and needs to recover. In some instances, it takes an injury to slow down.

Everyone has a dominant training method, and within this discipline, some certain joints and muscles take the strain. I work specifically on the trouble areas BEFORE an injury occurs. i.e., baseball pitchers use an unnatural motion that puts tremendous pressure on their shoulder and elbow—exactly how it sounds.

If you are recovering from or working through an injury, your muscles are preserving the body. I will set a roadmap of treatments and work to help the body repair the damage while ensuring all muscles are firing along the right path.


Just like taking your car to the mechanic, you need to take your body to a mechanic. You have hundreds of moving pieces firing at different times and speeds to accomplish what the brain triggers.

These movements and strains exponentially grow when you add physical activity and training—preparing for the big race, recovering for a race, busting through a plateau, or just a weekend warrior, with maintenance muscle recover much faster and reducing the risk of injury.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue

Everyone needs a little downtime. We will work to move stale blood out of muscles to stimulate healing. We will also work to make sure all muscles are firing in the proper coordination for movement.

Injury / MVA

A reality that we all know, at one end of the spectrum or the other, is that we get injured. Whether it is a fall, a sport injury or a motor vehicle accident (MVA), no one case is the same. To reduce downtime and increase recovery, everyone can agree that you must do something—even if that means slowing down once in a while.

I won't make any magical claims that I can fix you on the spot, but I can work with you on a treatment plan that helps release tension points and ultimately reminds your muscles how to fire, not protect the injury, but function properly.

Lindsey Kunz

Registered Massage Therapist

To book with Lindsey, call/text her directly at 403.660.3198.

Jenn Barrett

Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

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Jenn Barrett is a true explorationist at heart!

What started as a pursuit to understand the wonders of the natural world has since evolved into a lifelong study of the quantum world and its deep connections to healing. 

Jenn’s academic journey began with a Bachelor of Science, which laid the groundwork on an understanding of the intricacies of nature and allowed her to view health and wellness through a scientific lens. 

Building on her scientific foundation, Jenn has become a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, whose principles are seated in quantum physics. Everything within our bodymind is connected! It is with this principle, as well as the principle of the “observer effect”, that Jenn, as a BodyTalk practitioner, can access a client’s natural healing response. Stress has a profound effect on the body’s ability to heal and function properly. It can interrupt the connections within the bodymind which may manifest as illness and pain in the body.  

The central aspect of her practice involves reestablishing communication within the bodymind. Using non invasive techniques, Jenn can tap into the direct frequency of healing, which is individual to each client. 

As Jenn is working toward her Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner certification, she will be adding to the suite of protocols within the BodyTalk system. 

BodyTalk has applications in ALL aspects of holistic well being; some include

-              General health and wellness

-              Sports medicine

-              Injury rehabilitation

-              Organizations and group dynamics 

Jenn is taking on new clients; Come explore your bodymind and kickstart your healing journey!

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