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If you are a health or wellness care practitioner wishing to learn more about joining Calgary Health Collective, or, if you are someone who can bring something unique and valuable to our space and woud like to discuss this opportunity further, contact us by email.

Below you will find details on the clinic space.

Clinic floor plan and room information

Room One

85 sq ft

Availability: Full-time.

Contents: None. Create your own space!  (freshly painted)

(photo taken from inside looking towards door)

Room Two

130 sq ft

Availability: M & W 6am-2pm, T, TH, FRI  2pm-close, SAT 1pm -close and every 2nd all day, SUN all day.

Currently rented part-time by a Chiropractor. 

Contents: Chatanooga Chiropractic table with pelvic drop and breakaways for pregnant bellies, desk, stool, and chair. Built-in shelving.

Room Three

90 sq ft

Availability: Full-time 

Contents: Empty and ready for your personal touch!

Room Four

135 sq ft

Availablity: full-time

Available for full-time rental only.

Contents: Built-in shelving.

Room Five

105 sq ft

Availability: None.

Room Six

125 sq ft

Availability: None

What our practitioners have to say

"The main reason I joined Calgary Health Collective is that I have my own space to rent. I take home more monthly income and I can create my own business model for my own company. The space is clean, inviting and easy to get to. The street parking is easy on the clients to be close to clinic. The clinic has a nice variety of practitioners that I can network and throw ideas around with, to better all of our businesses. Dr. Angela Pucci is an honest, knowledgeable and well-trained Chiropractor, who I have worked with now for 18 months, and expect many more."

"Renting a room at Calgary Health Collective has been a great experience. Angela is great to work with and is very reasonable and kind. I still have full control over my practice and the space is welcoming. There is also plenty of parking that is free - which is important for many of my clients. I would highly recommend renting a space!"

"Calgary Health Collective is simply a wonderful place to work. Angela (owner) has created a peaceful, calming space for anyone to bring and build their practice, while doing what they love to do. I am a Registered Massage Therapist and Lymphatic specialist. I am super grateful to know that just a few doors down within the clinic there is a RMT who likes doing deep tissue, along with another therapist who loves pre- and post-natal. To top it off we have an amazing chiropractor. 

I am very excited to see who else ends up renting the remaining rooms, as it is amazing having so many different specialities in the same space. It makes such a big difference when our patients can come to one space and receive all the treatment they may need. 

As far as renting out the space the prices are fair, and having a flat rate makes a huge difference for my practice. When I am here on my own I know I am safe, the area and building are very secure. Even though we are all our “own” business there is a feeling of team as well. 

Angela is very easy going and simply a delight to deal with. There are no hidden agendas, the contracts are fair and straight forward. It has truly been a joy working here and I am never stressed coming into work. I'm looking forward to the future for sure!"

"When I was starting my practice, finding a space to bring clients was overwhelming. Dr. Angela Pucci was amazing to work with; not only was I able to rent part-time (which helps for those who are just starting out), she went out of her way to check in with me and to make sure I had everything I needed.

The rental price was fair, and the part-time schedule allowed for mornings, evenings as well as day appointments, which was very helpful in accommodating my client’s schedules.

The space is clean and inviting. The collective is easy to get to and parking is FREE, which is very rare in Calgary! This will make your clients very happy.

It is so great to have the autonomy of building my own practice alongside other practitioners that I can connect with on all things business and healing. There are a variety of modalities here, but it does feel like there is a collective goal to provide a safe healing space for all. I would highly recommend renting a space!"